Phylum Bryophyta
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Kingdom:  Plantae

    Phylum:  Bryophyta

     Common names: Liverwort, moss, hornwort


Gametophyte generation:

Antheridium_4XB.jpg (401633 bytes) Marchantia antheridiophore (with antheridia)




Antheridium_10XA.jpg (663209 bytes) Marchantia antheridia (4 antheridia along the   surface of the antheridiophore)



Antheridium_40XA.jpg (679870 bytes) Marchantia antheridium 



March_archeg4X.jpg (392032 bytes)Marchantia archegoniophore with archegonia





March_archeg10XB.jpg (474804 bytes)Marchantia archegoniophore with archegonia





March_archeg40XA.jpg (441667 bytes)Marchantia archegonia with eggs





Mnium_Antheridial10XB.jpg (534113 bytes)Mnium antheridial head (with antheridia)





Mnium_antheridium40XB.jpg (522521 bytes)Mnium antheridium with sperm





Mnium_archegonium4XA.jpg (370255 bytes)Mnium archegonial head (with archegonia)





Mnium_archegonium10xB.jpg (615552 bytes)Mnium archegonial head (with archegonia)





Mnium_archegonium40XB.jpg (569377 bytes)Mnium archegonium with egg





Sporophyte generation:



March_Sporophyte4XA.jpg (547249 bytes)Marchantia sporophyte (note sporangium filled with spores)


March_sporophyte10XA.jpg (658831 bytes)Marchantia sporophyte (foot, seta, capsule, spores)



Capsule.jpg (199102 bytes) Mnium capsule (note spores inside)



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